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quality control

Friendly Airlines conducts quality inspections layer by layer and possesses various high-precision testing instruments, surpassing customer needs and improving product qualification rates.

1. The mold industry in China is basically based on internal production and self preparation of enterprises, which is dependent on product production. It has developed into a capital intensive and technology intensive equipment manufacturing industry with considerable scale and high-tech industry characteristics.

2. The production of molds has entered the era of modern industrial production, generally adopting digital and information-based design and production technologies, breaking away from the traditional skilled manual production mode dominated by fitters.

3. China's mold industry has developed from a single form of public owned enterprises to a new pattern of private enterprises and coexistence of multiple ownership economies.

4. The development of the manufacturing industry drives the development of the mold industry, which provides strong support for the manufacturing industry.

5. The mold product structure is more reasonable.


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