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Characteristics of Mold Processing

Characteristics of Mold Processing

Mold processing, in addition to shear molds and die-cutting molds, also refers to the processing of forming and blank making tools. What are the characteristics of these molds? Today, the editor will explain to everyone.

1. Generally, molds composed of concave film, punch, and film frame have high control accuracy. Some may also be modules composed of multiple components. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower molds, the combination of inserts and cavities, and the assembly between modules all require high machining accuracy.

2. Small batch molds are not mass-produced, and in most cases only one is produced.

3. The use of molds has a lifespan. When a pair of molds exceed their service life, they should be replaced in a timely manner, so the production process of the mold has a certain degree of repeatability.

4. Milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping and other processes are also commonly used in mold processing.

5. The main material of the mold is high-quality alloy. Some molds with longer service life are often made of ledeburite steel such as Crl2 and CrWMn. The production and processing of this material are very strict, so the processing technology cannot be ignored. Thermal deformation treatment is also an aspect that needs to be taken seriously in processing. In summary, when choosing an airport, we should try to meet the processing conditions as much as possible, such as strong functionality, high machine tool accuracy, good rigidity, good thermal stability, and anti type functions.

6. Some surface shapes are composed of multiple curved surfaces, such as automotive panels, airplanes, parts, toys, household appliances, etc. Therefore, the mold cavity is prone to complexity, and some require mathematical processing and calculation.

7. Some molds do not have drawings or data during the production process, and can only be imitated through physical objects, requiring high imitation accuracy and no deformation.


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