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What problems may occur during the aluminum alloy die-casting process?

What problems may occur during the aluminum alloy die-casting process?

Possible problems during aluminum alloy die-casting process

Geometric defects:

Die cast shape. Deviation between dimensions and technical requirements; Size deviation, deviation, deformation, etc.

Surface defects: The appearance of the die-casting parts is poor, with patterns, flow marks, cold insulation, spots, missing flesh, burrs, shrinkage marks, strains, etc.

Internal defects:

Pores, shrinkage porosity, pores, cracks, inclusions, etc., and the internal structure and mechanical properties do not meet the requirements.


influence factor

(1) Die-casting machine caused:

The performance of the die-casting machine, whether the energy provided can meet the required injection conditions: whether the injection force, injection speed, and locking force are sufficient. Is the selection and control of die-casting process parameters appropriate, including pressure, speed, time, punch stroke, etc.

(2) Caused by die-casting molds:

Mold design: mold structure, pouring system size and position, ejector rod and layout, cooling system.

Mold processing: surface roughness, machining accuracy, and hardness of the mold. Mold usage: temperature control, surface cleaning, and maintenance.

(3) The design of die-casting parts results in wall thickness, bending angle, drawing angle, hot pitch, deep concave position, etc.

(4) Die casting operation causes alloy pouring temperature, melting temperature, inclined material spraying amount, operation, production cycle, etc.

(5) Alloy materials are caused by factors such as the composition, cleanliness, ratio, and smelting process of raw materials and return materials. Any incorrect one of the above factors may lead to defects. Visual judgment: The surface quality of the casting can be analyzed with the naked eye, and patterns, scratches, dents, deformation, cold isolation, discoloration, spots, etc. can be directly seen. It can also be inspected with a magnifying glass of 5 times or more.

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