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What are the main materials for the metal casing of laptops?

What are the main materials for the metal casing of laptops?

Common materials

The casing of a computer is not only a direct way to protect the body, but also an important factor affecting its heat dissipation, weight, and aesthetics. Friendly Airlines hardware computer chassis manufacturer will take you to learn about the commonly used materials for notebook computer chassis.

Common casing materials for laptops include: alloy casing including aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, plastic casing including carbon fiber, polycarbonate PC, and ABS engineering plastic.

Aluminum alloy shell notebook

Aluminum alloy is a commonly used metal material for laptops or other digital products. The main element of aluminum magnesium alloy is aluminum, and a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials are added to enhance its hardness. Because it is a metal itself, its thermal conductivity and strength are particularly outstanding.


High hardness

Aluminum alloy has light weight, low density, good heat dissipation, and strong compression resistance, which can fully meet the requirements of 3C products for high integration, lightweight, miniaturization, collision resistance, electromagnetic shielding, and heat dissipation. Its hardness is several times that of traditional plastic shells, but its weight is only one-third that of the latter.

More beautiful

And the silver white aluminum alloy shell can make the notebook more luxurious and beautiful, and it is easy to color. Through surface treatment technology, personalized pink blue and pink colors can be transformed, adding a lot of color to laptops. This is engineering plastic, nothing can compare to carbon fiber. Therefore, aluminum alloy has become the casing material for portable laptops, and most manufacturers' laptop products use aluminum alloy casing technology.

High quality

Metal laptops are favored by many people due to their high-quality integrated design and excellent quality. Aluminum alloy laptops have strong integration, smooth touch, and a relatively high-end and stable metal texture. Moreover, due to their metal body, their heat dissipation ability is stronger than that of plastic bodies. Due to the unique texture of metal materials, more textured and designed shells can be processed

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