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How to explain the commonly used CNC in laptop products?

How to explain the commonly used CNC in laptop products?

The CNC integrated molding technology of computers can be understood as the metallization treatment of computer casings. This metallization process is integrated and not stamped, but carved from an original metal solid. Remove the corner waste and leave one piece, which will naturally give people a stronger texture and better visual experience as a whole.

In fact, this metal shell has no particularly good advantages besides increasing texture and cost. At least as an outsider, if he doesn't know much about this thing, he may not find any other advantages, and it also has some advantages. Disadvantages, such as its metal shell being prone to slight bumps and white spots when the material is defective, can greatly affect the visual experience. This type of laptop does look very comfortable, but the price is usually high, which refers to the true CNC integrated molding technology, rather than the textured things pressed with plastic in advertisements.


These integrated molding technologies are not widely used in domestic laptops. Apple's computers have certain applications, and some high-end gaming laptops also use this configuration because it does give people a more comfortable texture, but its cost has increased significantly, making it almost impossible to see it in regular laptops. The book costs about 5000 yuan. If you see something claiming to be a CNC shell on the corresponding promotional page, please do not believe it. Because the cost is not enough, the merchant will not be doing business at a loss, so what they can find is some alternative technology, similar to plastic stamping, to achieve a similar feeling.

Most people do not need to buy this type of laptop, except for a few professionals who may need it. Others do not really need it much because it is a good molding technology and is better for people. The texture and safety are good, but the cost is too high. Our regular shell with the same configuration may only cost 5000 yuan, while this shell's 10000 yuan may increase to 8000 yuan. The money we spend is not directly proportional to our experiences.

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